CRI 90 LED Downlights | Fire-Rated, Adjustable & Anti-Glare


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NEW. MINIFIX Antiglare LED DOWNLIGHT Manufactured from Aluminium and painted PC semi matt white R..
£77.76 Ex Tax: £64.80
RA90 SIMPLE ADJUSTABLE Fire Rated LED DOWN LIGHT Finished in White with almost matt RAL9003 ..
£26.40 Ex Tax: £22.00
RA90 ADJUSTABLE Fire Rated ANTI GLARE LED DOWN LIGHT Adjustable engineered 9 Watt dimmable LED do..
£90.00 Ex Tax: £75.00
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RA90 9.2 Watt FULLY ADJUSTABLE AND ROTATIONAL LED Downlight Engineered and designed using la..
£26.40 Ex Tax: £22.00
9.2 Watt ADJUSTABLE AND ROTATIONAL ANTI GLARE LED DOWN LIGHT Adjustable and Rotational engineered..
£80.52 Ex Tax: £67.10
RA90 9.2 WATT FIXED WHITE FIRE RATED LED DOWNLIGHT  Simple Fixed 9.2 Watt dimmable LED ..
£26.40 Ex Tax: £22.00