About BBLight | Online Lighting Shop

From the Workshops of Ian Bibby well known Artist and Light Maker comes experienced Design and Manufacture of Interior and Architectural lighting product.

BB light: Uses leading LED technology to create compact efficient, quality lighting solutions.

"BB Brand" is a registered trade mark applied to products designed and manufactured and which are available from ourselves or our stockists.

Other products and technology including some OEM parts are also available from our full E Commerce website www.weselllight.co.uk

Design commissions and "one-off" specially created solutions are available by contacting us 0203 327 0385 or by E mail to hello@bblight.co

We design and manufacture within the UK and whilst most leading brand LED's come from USA or Japan all other manufacturing is carried out here. With new tooling we have invested in being able to produce quality product at competitive prices.

We do undertake specialist work creating lighting solutions for home, hotel and retail point of sale solutions. Some of this activity can be as simple as creating LED strip solutions for display, wardrobe and bar creation.